With new systems come new controllers.

We had been first taken aback through the Nintendo's introduction from the Wiimote. Stunned by Sony's Eyetoy and played some really competitive matches on Kinect Sports. Though just what the core gamers want is simply your standard controller. We don't need motion controls to play games; we demand that people have something inside our hand with thumbsticks and triggers. There aren't any Major League Gaming tournaments for Wii Sports, right?XBOX ONE REVIEW

Now that I'm at E3 I had to obtain my on the job a controller from the next generation of consoles. The initial I bought to play with will be the Xbox One's. Microsoft hasn't had a perfect track record with controllers- anyone remember the Duke controller from your original Xbox? Luckily, this controller is more Xbox 360 then this Duke. It looks a little bit bigger than a 360 controller. That is the first thing you'll notice. It's just an illusion; if anything it felt more comfortable and snug in my hands than the previous one ever did.XBOX ONE REVIEW

The most important thing in my view that they absolutely had to make improvements to was the D-Pad. The directional pad in the Xbox 360 was clunky, unresponsive and just a mess. Around the Xbox One's version, it's sleek (in a good way), fast and it makes a delightful click when you apply pressure in the pad. I'm curious to find out how good a fighting game will have using this new controller.

Call of Duty and Halo would be the Xbox's most widely used games; they're both shooters and you constantly need to use both analog sticks. So, was there a way to improve the already great analog sticks from the 360? It sure seems like they did. The analog sticks felt light but sturdy and seemed to be quite accurate. Dare I believe that console gaming is to get closer to the accurate feeling of a mouse on the computer?

Another issue I needed with all the Xbox 360 gamepad will be the Xbox Guide button. It's located in the top middle portion of the controller and you can accidentally hit it. Microsoft decided making it flat (and so harder to push unintentionally) and set it in the very top of the controller. This is a wise location for the button and I don't see many individuals hitting it in the center of gameplay.

Combined with the other various upgrades made from the Xbox 360 controller, the triggers got some love also, with rumble put into each. This sounds absurd but once you try it for yourself, you'll begin to wonder why we didn't have this before. Once I was playing Forza 5, I had been power sliding into a sharp turn and also you could feel the tires squeal over the pavement through the trigger rumbles. It absolutely was subtle and included in the immersive feeling.

There are only a few things I had complaints about, most notably the left and right bumpers. They appear to have made them quite a bit bigger and even though playing Crimson Dragon they didn't exactly feel great as I tried to barrel roll taken care of of projectiles. This may be a problem with the video game however the buttons themselves were just okay. This is no means an important issue and I'm sure it will just take a moment getting used to.

Overall, I'm very impressed with the way Microsoft upgraded the Xbox 360's controller into this new sexier model for your Xbox One. I had been very fond of the Xbox 360's gamepad and was admittedly nervous using the believed that they could change it. Microsoft put my fears to rest and I'm pleased to say this is probably the best feeling controllers ever.